How long does it take you to address 100-200 envelopes?

Ideally, I like to have 2 weeks to work on a project. The most important thing is to get on my calendar so I can allot the necessary time for your envelopes.

How early do I need to book you?

It is best to book your calligrapher as soon as you decide you want your envelopes professionally addressed. It is very important that I schedule the time on my calendar so, I can make sure I have the time available specifically for you. The Busy Season for most calligraphers is January-May and then October and December. 

How much is a deposit?

A $50.00 deposit is needed to reserve time on my schedule. It is non-refundable but, is applied to the final bill. 

What format shall I send the list in?

A Word document is required. A lot of brides keep their Guest List information in Excel. Excel is great for keeping track but, very difficult for the eye to follow. I make more mistakes and waste more envelopes. 

Your list needs to be written exactly as you want it to be written. Abbreviations are not appropriate for wedding invitations. Middle initials are not acceptable either. You should use the entire middle name or leave the middle initial off.

Our Guest List is incomplete. Can you start with what we have?

**If your list is 80% complete, I'm happy to go ahead and start your envelopes. If you're missing more than 20% of your addresses, it's best to wait. 

Most couples forget a guest or two (usually someone really important!). I usually keep 3-5 sets of envelops for that reason. If you have changes within 10 days after completion, you will only be charged for the envelopes. If it is after that time, there will be a $10.00 fee to accommodate scheduling, ink color and style changes. 

I want you to write in a different style than I see on your website. Can you do that?

Possibly. If I have enough time to learn the style and practice it, I'll gladly write however you want. Your wedding invitations are not the time or me to experiment.

How do I know the correct etiquette for addressing? 

There is an Etiquette page in the Details section of the website. Or call me, we'll walk through all of your questions.